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Citizen Charters

Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited
Bhagwati Marg, Naxal, Kathmandu

Our services and policies covers insurance against all that fall under the provision and directives of Beema Samiti, the regulatory body in Nepal. All services related to Non-Life Insurance

The concept of Citizen’s Charter is to bring about transparency, accountability and responsiveness by the service provider to its service seekers and customers. A Citizens’ Charter basically outlines what to expect and how to act. It standardizes process of services delivery with full information by adopting a stakeholder approach. Thus, it is to inform and empower citizens or the customers when dealing with the company, and to improve the level of services.

At Sagarmatha Insurance, we are committed to delivering prompt and efficient services to all our customers. We highly value their interest, trust and time given to us, which thrust us to ensure that we commit and meet their expectations in a best possible manner. Here we present a

Company Establishment: Sagarmatha Insurance Co. Ltd was established 2051 B.S. under the Revised Company Act 2063 B.S. and in accordance with Insurance & Regulations Act 1992 B.S.

Promoters:  The Company is promoted by the prominent entrepreneurs and leading industrial groups. It is the first foreign Joint-Venture General Insurance Company in Nepal(partner with Ceylinco Insurance PLC of Sri Lanka).

Company’s Act 2063; Insurance Act 2049; Insurance Rules and Regulations 2049; and other related Laws and Acts, including rules and regulations circulars issued by Beema Samiti.

Dully filled-up Proposal Form, KYC Form, Photos, and certificates/documents (Citizenship, Passport, PAN, Vehicle Registration, Blue Book, Letter of Credit, Invoice & Bills, etc.) as relevant to the type of policy

Vehicle Insurance:  Vehicle Registration Booklet (Blue Book), renewal notice issued from previous insurance company (if any).
Marine Insurance: Letter of Credit (L/C), Invoice, Proforma Invoice.
Constructor’s All Risk: Contract Document, Bill of Quantity (BOQ).
Travel Medical Insurance: Copy of Passport.
Other Insurance: As required by the company.

As per defined directives of the regulatory body for both new and renewed policy.

Generally, the insurance is covered for a period of 1 year but it may vary in some cases as defined by the policy.

Usually 1 working day after receiving the complete documents.

A notice of renewal is given well in advance (4 weeks head of the ending of the insurance period).

1st Customer Care Executive on Toll free No. 1660-01-66-666

2nd Claim Officer

3rd Claim Head - Subhash Dixit

Or Claim Department of the company’s head office or any branch offices. Or Email at

  1. Contact the Toll Free No. Claim Department at Head Office or the nearest branch office (inform and submit written application) and get necessary support or guidelines.
  2. Fill-up the standardized Claim Form.
  3. Deputation of surveyor for assessment of the loss/damage.
  4. Submit all necessary documents (driving license, registration certificate, blue book, bills, invoice, policy papers, etc.) as relevant to the case and policy coverage.
  5. Include original Police report in the list of documents.
  6. Make estimate copy of the loss/damage
  7. Collection of surveyor’s evaluation report with supporting pictures, papers and documents.
  8. Completion of the formalities.
  9. Collection of cheque after the voucher is verified and signed.

We strive to settle the claims as soon as possible after verifying the case and circumstances of loss/damage. It takes about 35 days at most from the receipt of the surveyor’s report but it may vary if there is need to produce additional documents in support of the claim statement.

As supervised by Beema Samiti and Nepal Security Board, Quarterly Account Report is published on National Daily Magazine, tri-monthly.

1st Person : Customer Care Head

2nd Person : Bishwanath Adhikari - Law/Admin Head

3rd Person : Chunky Chhetry - Chief Executive Officer

If there occurs any inconvenience to you because of our system and Technical Issues, kindly contact our Customer Services Department or Assistant General Manager for necessary action and correction.

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