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Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited
Bhagwati Marg, Naxal, Kathmandu

: 4512367 Extension No. 102

Mr. Chunky Chhetry

Chief Executive Officer

This dynamic team is spearheaded by Mr. Chunky Chhetry, Chief Executive Officer and his distinguished team. Mr. Chunky Chhetry has been with this company since 1998 having previously served at Oriental Insurance and United Insurance Co. ltd. Mr. Chhetry has participated in various insurance related seminars and training programs in Bahrain, Bangkok, Srilanka, India and Nepal. He gives lectures on insurance in the college and various seminars organized by Beema Samiti and in other programs as well. He holds EMBA degree with more than 25 years working experience in the Insurance industry.

: 4512367 Extension No. 204

Mr. Kabi Raj Paudel

Assistant General Manager - Marketing

: 4512367 Extension No. 101

Mr. Vijay Shrestha

Assistant General Manager - Operations

: 4512367 Extension No. 202

Mr. Subhash Dixit

Assistant General Manager - Claims

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