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Fire Insurance

This policy provides coverage for property of individual, corporate, industries and enterprises against loss or damage caused by Fire, Lightning and Earthquake.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance also called automotive insurance, a contract by which the insurer assumes the risk of any loss the owner or operator of a car may incur through damage to property or persons as the result of an accident.

Marine Insurance

This policy Covers loss of or damage to goods caused by fire, theft or accidental means whilst in transit by Sea, Air or Rail inclusive of losses of property whilst being transported...

Aviation Insurance

This insurance covers aircraft against accidental damage, war and allied risk, third party (including passenger and cargo), liability, etc. Covers aircraft hull against all risk/liability, hull wall risk.

Micro Insurance

This insurance provides insurance coverage for various agricultural activities like Livestock, Poultry, Fish, Paddy, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance

Banker’s Blanket Insurance

Banks and Financial Institutions recognize the risks associated with their operations and the exposures from within as well as external. It is therefore important that a risk transfer mechanism is set in place to safeguard against all the odds.

Household Policy

With household policies you can add accidental damage cover to your buildings and contents. Household goods, furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothing, valuables, personal effects and money owned by the client or his/her family and in private use, fixt

Theft Burglary Insurance

Burglary insurance provides protection against incidents of theft to your property. This policy covers losses or damages to your property and its contents in your business premise due to..

Travel Medical Insurance

This policy covers medical emergency, accidents or personal liability. The financial burden in the foreign land can be too much to cope with as Medical and Emergency expenses in many European and Western countries are very expensive.
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