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Golchha Organisation

Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited
Bhagwati Marg, Naxal, Kathmandu

Golchha Organisation is multifaceted business house, some of its businesses rank to be the oldest in the country - manufacturers of the most reputed brands. It has earned goodwill in the global context. Over the last seven decades, its industrial activities have grown across diversified fields and has established as one of the largest business house in the country. It has been a pioneer in utilizing latest technologies in its processes and introducing new products, with products ranging from rolled steel item to food grains to television. Golchha Organisation has been enterprising in the field of trade and services, be in the domestic markets or in the international arena. It had pioneered jute export as early as the nineteen fifties. Since then, its trading activities have matured and achieved phenomenal growth. Many of its trading firms are engaged in trading extensive range of products from export of lentils to import of vehicles, banking & finance, insurance, transportation etc.

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