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VIP on the Spot

Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited
Bhagwati Marg, Naxal, Kathmandu

VIP on the Spot

Posted on 2019-05-17

Insurance Companies are supposed to be the perpetual existence accountable for the financial security of their insured. However, in the modern era we acknowledge that the faith of customers in the Insurance Companies are gradually decreasing due to the unorganized claim settlement process, delay in payment and paperwork hassle in the process. Although the number of Insurance Companies are rapidly increasing very least number of Insurance Companies have faster claim settlement.

Sagarmatha Insurance Company presents VIP on the Spot for the private vehicle insurance; is add on service for our customers without any additional premium for instant claim settlement. In order to, hasten the claim settling process and provide the best customer service. An idea was initiated for immediate claim settlement in the fiscal year 2014/15, however after years planning and supervision of experts and Smart MIS Reporting System; VIP on the Spot was successfully launched in fiscal year 2016/17.

VIP on the Spot consist of two policies:

1.    Comprehensive Policy

2.    Third Party Policy

1.      Comprehensive Policy

Comprehensive Policy has a full coverage of financial protection to insured vehicle damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Self-Ignition
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Landslides
  • And other Natural Calamities
  • Riot, Strike, War, Terrorism and Malicious act.

The policy also has a coverage of Medical Expenses caused by the accidental injuries, damage to the third party properties. Furthermore, the coverage of loss, injury, death caused to the passengers and drivers are included.

2.    Third Party Policy

This policy has a financial protection coverage for loss or damage to the Third Party Properties. During the accident if there is any Medical Expenses for injuries to the rider & pillion rider of Third Party and Insured, then it is also covered. Furthermore, as the Government of Nepal has made it compulsory, now with the help of Insurance Digitally you can purchases the policy and make its payment online.



1. On the spot settlement

Once the customer makes a claim, the customer is directed to follow the basic steps of the claim, and start the repair and maintenance of the vehicle. By the end of the process the claim is settled and payment is released.

2. Hassle Free Claim

Unlike ordinary claim, we tend to make claim less complex and easier for the customers. So that the customers don’t have to bear the burden.

3. Less Paper Work

VIP on the Spot encourages less paper work, in order to reduce the burden the customers to carry all the paper and go through the hassle of documentation

4. Time Saving

This service tend to settle the claim after the basic documentation is submitted so as to save time and settle claims faster.

5. 24/7 Customer Service

A dedicated group of experts and passionate employees remain at your service every time.

6. No Extra Premium

As this is an add on service the customer don’t have to pay additional premium in order to be facilitated by this service.


Images of VIP Launch Program

Click HERE or in the link below to see the images of VIP Launch Program.


The major objectives of the VIP on the Spot is fast claim settlement and provide the customer service with quality. In additional, the customer with VIP on the Spot service also get other benefits such as discount on Medical Services in Chirayu Hospital.


Now, with the help of Sagarmatha App Insurance Digitally you can now make on the Spot Claim, Claim Intimation Stage and Check Policies.



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